Pre-Surgical Recommendations

Some considerations to keep in mind before surgery:

  1. HEMOGLOBIN more than 12g/dl.
  2. To have BMI less than 35.
  3. EAT HEALTHY: vegetables, grilled or steamed lean meats, fish, fruits, beans, and drink plenty of water. Some foods that are not recommended to eat in large quantities: rice, bread, flour, sweets, fried foods, artificial juices, soda.
  4. SUPPLEMENTS: Take 1 tablet a day of Iron 325mg and folic acid 5mg for 6 weeks.
  5. TOXIC HABITS: do not smoke cigarettes, hooka, or drugs, 2 months before surgery.
  6. DO NOT USE: aspirin or anticoagulants without authorization from your doctor.
  7. DO NOT TAKE: vitamins E, D, A, K, Calcium, Omega III, or oral contraceptives, 3 weeks before coming.

Post-Surgical recommendations


Follow medical instructions to the letter.

  • You must rest from the garment for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night.
  • Wear compression stockings at all times until completing the time recommended by your doctor.
  • Do breathing exercises of 5 deep breaths every 5 to 10 min. Perform 5 sets during the day.
  • Walk as much time as possible during the day. You must be sitting rest of the time and only going to bed at night.
  • Comply with a minimum of 10 postsurgical lymphatic drainage massages.
  • Check that the drain liquid is always in motion and that the valve is open.
  • Staying in communication with our office for the correct monitoring of its evolution.

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