Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What should I expect during healing process? And what should I do if certain things occur? The more liquid comes out of the drain, the better your recovery will be. Monitoring the drain is important to prevent flow blockages. You should see your doctor in case of fever, headache, weakness, allergic reaction or pain that does not go away with medications.
  2. For how long should I wear the girdle? aily use of the girdle (faja) is recommended in the first 3 months. You must rest from the faja 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the night, before going to sleep.
  3. How to sleep? Sleep in a comfortable position with your back bent and your knees bent. Use pillows on the back and below the knee.
  4. How long should I use the buttock pillow? Wear compression stockings at all times up to 1 month.
  5. When can I exercise or swim? In general, you can exercise after 3 months. If it's liposculpture only, you can exercise after a month. While if it was mammoplasty only, these can be after 6 weeks.
  6. When can I have sex? At 21 days you can do it if you feel comfortable.
  7. When can I take a shower? You can shower when the stitches heal and the drain is removed. Use chlorhexidine soap. Do not remove the tapes unless it gets dirty.
  8. When can I shave after surgery? You can shave the hair as soon as it grows out. Use a razor. Avoid other shaving methods.
  9. How many years should I change my implants? Every 10 years a review is recommended and be ready to replace them, if necessary.
  10. Can I raise hand after breast surgery? You can lift at 90 ° perfectly for short periods, at 120 ° during the massage and after 21 days you can move your arms freely.
  11. When it is ok to lift something heavy or drive? After 6 weeks you can lift weights less than 10 pounds. You can drive after a month.
  12. How many massages should I have after surgery? They start the day after surgery, for 10 days to remove the drainage. Then continue with 3 to 4 massages per week for 2 more weeks. Afterwards, there will be a minimum of 1 massage per week for three (3) months.
  13. How long should I wear compression stockings? Wear compression stockings at all times up to 1 month.

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