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Plastic Surgery Calculator (Iplast app.)

International aesthetic plastic surgery (Iplast)., also called Plastic Surgery Calculator or Iplast app. is a mobile application (app.) specially configured to calculate the body mass index (BMI) of women and men who wish to perform an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure on their body.

The Best BMI Calculator

Relating age, weight and height, it calculates the real BMI of the patient, identifies which options would be feasible for each case, classifies to which degree their BMI belongs, what their ideal weight would be and in case of being overweight, identifies how many kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb) you need to lose to be in the proper range.
Depending on the real BMI, you will find useful recommendations that will help you greatly at all times for the selection of the surgical process.

Calculate your BMI

BMI Calculator (Iplast)

Iplast App

Now find out if you qualify for plastic surgery by downloading Iplast from your favorite store.

Intuitive Interface and Easy Usability

It has never been easier to know if you qualify for plastic surgery by calculating your BMI.

Useful tool

Designed for all people who want plastic surgery on their body.

Find out if you qualify

Find out what procedures you could qualify for based on your age and BMI.

Certified physicians

Find certified doctors around the world to practice plastic surgery.

Specialized Companies

In each country you will find specialized companies, guaranteed worldwide.

Learn about the most current guidelines for plastic surgery.


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